Welcome to our Green Room! Here you can stop awhile, put your feet up and relax, and take the stress out of the day. Play some games.

Challenge your mind. Win some prizes. And remember to visit often as more and more games will be added for your enjoyment!

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CleanUp Game

Save the planet from being buried under all the rubbish that we could be recycling.
Drop the rubbish in to the correct Wikaniko bin before it all mounts up and ruins the planet.

Anyone for Wikaniko Tennis?

Stop the Wikaniko world from falling in to the rubbish tip.
Keep the world up by clicking it before it lands at the bottom of the tip.

Toxic Town

There are 5 different levels of pollution to identify. Use your mouse to detect the pollution and click to neutralise it.

The Wikaniko Recycling Plant

The automatic waste sorting machine has broken down so
they have had to find someone to control the whole plant until a repair man arrives - that someone is you.

Climate Change

Climate Challenge

The future is in your hands! You are president of the European Nations and must tackle global climate change from 2000 to 2100.


This city needs your help! Try to keep the pollutants from deteriorating the ozone layer.
Car Carnage

Can Carnage

Shoot the metal cans by clicking on them! Fill the melted steel container up to progress to the next level.

Wika Wacker

Squash the cans using the space bar before they fill up the skip. Watch out for the mice! Knock them off the conveyor belt before they land in the skip. They take up valuable room!
Wika Wacker